Since we’re getting to know each other, we’ll be posting some articles about what gets us pumped. It’s part of the bonding experience, you know.

We here at From Dust To Mountains are big into space/science. It’s what a lot of our music is based on. This particular article is one of the most fascinating on the subject: The Story of Three Moons: Life In The Outer Solar System.

Europa has emerged as one of the top Solar System locations in terms of potential habitability and possibly, hosting extraterrestrial life. Life could exist in its under-ice ocean, perhaps subsisting in an environment similar to Earth’s deep-ocean hydrothermal vents or the Antarctic Lake Vostok. Life in such an ocean could possibly be similar to microbial life on Earth in the deep ocean. So far, there is no evidence that life exists on Europa, but the likely presence of liquid water has spurred calls to send a probe there.


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